Race Pack 16 - Instant Access Download

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This kit is aimed at anyone looking to run a large event for 50+ people and to raise some serious money for your fund raising needs. V16 also features a pre-race screen that contains some low level betting odds. Kits that feature betting are useful if you want to run a realistic event and are comfortable with how betting works. There is a final "bonus" race included with this kit providing you with an extra 15th fun race for you to have that last final push for everyone to get involved and raise that last little bit of cash - the bonus race features Afghan hounds and will get everyone laughing - which is a great medium for parting with money.


This item is supplied to give you instant access to individual races that you can download immediately and get running your event in minutes. If you wish to give your event a touch of racing realism you can purchase additional items to compliment this race kit, we have a wide selection of race sheets and posters that you can print off the amount you need for your event including - race sheets, betting sheets, posters and even a sheet to help you work out how much to pay people. Check out the "Sheets & Posters" section from the menu.

The video below is an example of the style of race featured in this race pack. Please note the video has been compressed to enable a small download and playback size for people viewing on mobile devices. The quality of the races you will be downloading are a higher quality and look like a normal tv program when viewed on a larger screen such as 50" or even projector screen.

Upon purchasing this and any of our digital files you will get an instant download link in your account for the latest order you have purchased.

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